Does my business need employment practices liability? (EPLI)

harassmentBefore you can decide if you need employment practices liability insurance coverage (EPLI) you should take into account the risks you face on a daily basis.

EPLI is geared toward the business owner with employees. Although sexual harassment is one of the most popular types of coverage on an EPLI policy it also provides protection when liable for unlawful hiring/firing, unsafe working environment, and discrimination in the workplace.

Although you may never purposefully put your employees in this type of situation your employees could. If one of your employees harasses another you could end up liable. The same could apply to hiring practices, discrimination, etc.

Even if you and your employees use ethical and exemplary business practices you could still end up with the cost it takes to defend yourself against a wrongful conviction in court. The amount necessary for a lawyers defense could end up in the millions.

You’re at a high risk if you have employees, an EPLI policy is highly recommended. Get in touch today and we’ll send you multiple insurance quotes for your California EPLI policy.

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What is a BOP insurance policy?

what is a BOPOne of the most common types of commercial insurance forms written are on a “BOP” – short for “Business Owners Policy” it provides coverage for many types of risks.

If you own a building, a business, or a company your policy may have been written on a BOP. BOP’s can include coverage for auto, property, business property, general liability, crime, workers comp, and MUCH more.

A BOP is usually the most cost effective way to cover your company’s needs. Insuring the many different facets of your company separately could cost almost double what you would pay if you had a BOP.

If you’d like a free BOP quote on your California business or property you can reach us using the contact info below or the contact form to the right.

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Is anyone who drives my car covered?

You might find yourself in a position where you’re unable to drive your car. Maybe you’ve had too much to drink, your switching off with a friend on a road trip, or you hurt yourself. It’s bound to happen over time.


So are others covered if they drive your car?

Many companies offer what is called “permissive use” coverage. This type of coverage extends your insurance policy limits to others that drive your car.

Things to consider:

  • Not every company offers permissive use coverage.
  • Excluded drivers are definitely NOT covered under your policy.
  • Some insurance carriers have a limit on permissive use. (Example: 15 days per year)
  • Some insurance companies drop down policy limits to California state minimum (15/30/5) if someone else is driving your car.

Call your agent right now and find out if you’re covered or you may be without it when you need it the most. Would you like a quick 4 minute auto quote? Get in touch today and we’ll help you right away!

Does a commercial auto policy cover custom equipment?

Commercial-auto-picWeather you run a flower shop or you’re a tile contractor you should have a commercial auto policy to cover you in the event of an accident during business use, but what about your equipment? Is coverage automatically extended to your vans fridge, trucks ladder racks, or cars custom stereo system?

Unfortunately most policies DO NOT include coverage for custom equipment unless requested. Your agent should have asked if you have any extra equipment on the vehicle in question.

Some carriers only provide coverage for equipment that is “bolted down” or “permanently attached” so you may want to ask your agent about the technicalities your carrier has with this type of coverage.

The cost to add custom equipment coverage to your current policy I’ve personally seen as low as a $2 dollars more per month. Get in touch with your insurance carrier today and ask how much it’ll cost you.

Would you like a quick quote on your California commercial auto policy? We insure owner operators and fleets up to 50, get in touch with our insurance brokers today!

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