California Errors and Omissions Insurance

If you’re business involves providing a service for a fee than you’re in need of E&O Insurance. Our agents provide quality California E&O Insurance policies with the most competitive rates. From advertising agencies to wedding planners we have the perfect carriers for your situation.

Why do I need errors and omissions insurance?

A California E&O insurance policy protects professionals from an error they may have caused while carrying out their service. Has anyone in your profession ever been sued because of something they did or did NOT do in the course of servicing a client? Their is a VERY HIGH chance that the answer is yes. California is a “sue happy” state and service professionals like yourself need protection when mistakes are made.

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How much Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance coverage do I need?

The coverage needs of every business and client are completely different. Our Agents are trained to ask you questions that determine the amount of risk your specific company deals with on a regular basis.

Whats the difference between general liability and errors and omissions insurance?

Just about every business needs general liability. General liability protects from slip and fall, third party liability, and third party property damage (Ex: You went to a clients office and broke a $3000 vase).

What general liability does NOT provide coverage for is acts, errors, and omissions in regards to the professional services that you provide. For example: An insurance agent forgets to get a contract signed, an optometrist accidentally gives the wrong prescription and the client gets into an accident, and a doctor that gives out the wrong prescription.

These types of situations are likely to happen for those who work in a professional industry. Although no one ever plans on something like this happening, it’s all it’s always nice to know you’re prepared and covered if something were to happen.