California General Liability Insurance

General Liability HandsOur agents can help you find a general liability insurance policy to fit your business needs perfectly. Whether you run a multi-million dollar corporation or own a small home business you need a general liability policy to protect both you, your clients, and anyone else that could have a loss due to your companies actions.

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What is general liability insurance?

This type of insurance coverage is one of the first lines of defense for both your company and anyone that becomes victim of your companies unintentional mistake.

If you, your property, or employees cause harm to someone or their property you could be held liable for damages. For example: Lets say you hired a contractor to put new flooring in your home. This contractor accidentally broke your window in the process. His general liability would pay for the damages because his company caused harm to your property.

The same could be said if he left a hose out and you fell over it and broke your arm. You could take this contractor to court and sue for medical bills, hospital bills, etc. If he is held liable the insurance policy could cover your medical bills and assessed damage.

Slipping on a bananaAs you can see this coverage protects the homeowner and the business owner. Medical bills, court fees, and fines could be in the millions. Luckily the contractors general liability payed for it versus the funds coming straight out of the companies accounts. Losses like these can easily put a company without insurance out of business or into bankruptcy.

Most clients and landlords require general liability.

Homeowners, landlords, and property managers all over California are making it a habit to ask for proof of liability insurance. Doing this adds a measure of protection and helps find contractors and companies that are financially responsible if anything were to happen.

Have a question? Get in touch, our agents would love to help you overcome any worries you might have, go over your current policy, and help you find limits that fit your company perfectly.