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california-workers-compensationOur local California insurance agents provide workers compensation insurance rates through multiple carriers. We have access to over 100 different insurance companies, many of which have different specialties.

Whether your company has had claims in the past or you have a clean history, we’ll provide multiple California Worker’s Compensation insurance options for you to choose from.

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Which factors come into play when rating a California workers comp insurance policy?

Their are many factors that affect the total premium on a CA workers compensation quote. One of those factors is your industry category, naturally some industries are much more dangerous than others. That being said, an administrative employee will have a much cheaper rate than someone who does high rise window cleaning from a chair lift.

Another factor affecting your rate is the amount of workers compensations claims filed by your employees. A company with a clean record is bound to get a better rate than one who has constant claims. Keep in mind that insurance carriers only look at the past 3-5 years when rating your company.

Does your company have procedures in place that prevent injury or sexual harassment? The way insurance companies see it, if your company uses procedures to prevent issues than fewer workers compensation claims will be filed. Company meetings and training books can be used as preventative measures.

It may be time for you to reevaluate your California workers compensation insurance policy. Get in touch with one of our insurance brokers and receive a free quote from multiple carriers today!