California Drywall Contractor Insurance

If you own or are thinking about buying a drywall contractor business you’re going to need a quality insurance policy to protect you from the many risks that come with the territory. Just about every drywall contractor in California is required to carry an insurance policy in order start a job and collect a paycheck. Get in touch with one of our drywall contractor insurance agents today, we have special programs specifically tailored for the drywall industry.

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We can provide you with general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto insurance, business property coverage, and much more. Each client is different so get in touch with us and we’ll find a policy that fits in perfectly with your needs.

General liability for Drywall Contractors – If you, your property, or your drywall companies employees cause harm to a client you could become liable for damages. A drywall company general liability policy can pay medical bills, protect you in court, and pay for damages you may have caused to a client.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Just about every contractor needs a vehicle to complete projects for clients. When these vehicles are being used for business a commercial auto policy is necessary. Keep your drywall company protected from the huge liability that comes with drying without a commercial auto policy.

Workers Compensation for Drywall Companies – If you have employees working for you than you need a workers comp insurance policy. This type of policy protects you as the owner of the business from medical payments, drugs, and hospital bills you could be liable for if one of your employees gets hurt on the job.

Get in touch with one of our commercial insurance agents today and we’ll send your drywall company insurance quotes from multiple carriers.

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