California Masonry Contractor Insurance

mason insurance policyIf you own or manage a masonry company you’re going to need a masonry contractor insurance policy to protect you when the unforeseen occurs. We offer both complete package policies and separate coverage as well, from general liability, workers compensation, building property, and business property we offer everything your masonry business needs to protects itself.

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General Liability for Masonry Contractors – This type of coverage protects your business when you, your employees, or your property cause harm to someone. Weather someone slips on a puddle of water in your office or one of your employees accidentally cause damage to a client’s property you could be liable for damage. A masonry contractor general liability policy can protect you with this type of situation.

Workers Compensation – If you’re like most California masonry contractors you probably use employees to perform work for clients. If those employees get hurt on the job you as the business owner will be liable. A workers compensation insurance policy can cover you for medical bills, loss of income, and other losses you may be liable for.

Commercial Auto Insurance for Masonry Contractors – Most contractors in California use heavy duty equipment and vehicles to complete work for clients. We offer custom commercial auto insurance policies that cover vehicles being used for commercial use. A standard insurance policy usually will not cover a loss arising from masonry use.

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