California Apartment Complex Insurance

California Apartment BuildingDo you own an apartment complex in California? If so, you’re going to need a quality insurance policy to protect you from the many risks that come with the business. Our apartment building insurance agents compare rates with our list of 122 insurance carriers. We offer building coverage, business property insurance, general liability insurance, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance as part of a package to protect the vast risks apartments have on a daily basis.

Whether your apartment was built in the 1950’s or you manage a brand new complex you can be sure that we’ll include coverage options based on your properties specific needs. We take into consideration building materials, apartment location, city codes and ordinances, extra liabilities, etc.

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We provide coverage for your apartments most important needs.

Business Property: Weather you’re affected by theft, a windstorm, or fire, we’ll cover your apartment building from the unexpected. If tenant paperwork and computer files are destroyed it may be impossible to effectively manage and organize company accounting processes or tenant concerns. Business property insurance helps protect the vital equipment your apartment uses on a daily basis.

Business Liability: Both mistakes and accidents happen EVERY DAY. Your apartments liability coverage will cover and help you from the costly fees that come from those unavoidable lawsuits. The liability portion of your insurance policy will cover you from accidents like a slip and fall.

Business Crime: Protect your apartment complex from losses that arise out of theft and crime. Business crime insurance protects you from things like vandalism and employee dishonesty.

Ordinance Coverage: Your apartment building may have been built before new laws and building codes were put into place. Building ordinance coverage will help you rebuild your apartment up to current California building codes.


You’re in good hands.

We only do business through A Rated apartment insurance carriers. You can feel confident that you’re truly protected under one of our special form policies.

If you have multiple apartment building locations we can group them into a single policy for you, there’s no need for you to handle any extra paperwork. By packaging multiple apartments with the same company we’ll get you the discount you need to keep your quote competitive. Contact us today for all of your apartment complex insurance needs!