California High-Rise Building Insurance

modern high-rise building with glassDo you own or mange a high-rise building in California? If so you need a quality high-rise insurance policy to protect your company from the unfortunate losses that occur on the regular. We understand that the specific needs of every building is completely different so we write customer centric high-rise insurance policies to fit those needs accordingly.

Our high-rise insurance policies can include general liability, building coverage, business property, commercial auto, workers comp, and much more depending on your companies needs.

Get in touch with one of our California high-rise insurance brokers today and we’ll shop your policy with our list of over 120 different commercial carriers. You can call, email, or just fill out the short form to the right and we’ll have someone hep you right away.

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General liability for high-rise buildings – This type of coverage is one of the most basic types and usually the foundation of every California insurance policy. If someone is walking through your building and slips and falls your company could be liable. General lability could kick-in and provide coverage to pay for court and legal fees.

Business property coverage – Almost every high-rise building across California has business property within the buildings they own or lease out to a tenant. Property such as furniture, computers, paperwork, washing machines, tools, equipment, etc. can be insured before the time of a loss such as a fire or flood.

Commercial auto insurance – Property managers and employees using either their own vehicle or a business vehicle for business use NEED to be insured under a commercial auto insurance coverage policy. Most standard commercial auto policies in California usually come with hired and non-owned coverage and at least 1 Million in combined single limits.

If you have any questions or concerns about your current California high-rise insurance policy get in touch with one of our agents today using your preferred contact method. We look forward to hearing from you!