Your Local California HOA Insurance Agents!

You wouldn’t go to a restaurant with only one menu item, so why go to an agent that can only give you one biased insurance rate?

CA Homeowners AssociationWe shop our list of over 50 HOA insurance companies to find you the best rated carrier with the most competitive price.

Our carriers specialize in small associations and large associations with over 800 units. We ensure more than $1 billion worth of property across the state of California and we’d love a chance to see what we can do for your association.

Whether your complex has a history of claims or a perfect record we can provide you with the package that contains the following and much more!

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Crime/Fidelity
  • Umbrella liability
  • Earthquake coverage



The following information is necessary to send over accurate quotes. Email to

  • HOA address
  • Copy of current policy
  • Loss runs (usually take a few days to arrive after being ordered)
  • Number of units in each association

Why having the right Insurance Coverage makes a world of a difference.

HOA FireMost HOA’s tend to lean toward the less expensive policies (we can’t blame you) but these less “expensive policies” usually come without important coverage options that most HOA’s need in the event of a claim. Here at Access Avenue we help you find a balanced insurance policy without important coverage exclusions. We’ll recommend what we feel is best for the specific association but you make the ultimate decision. Saving a few hundred dollars on an insurance policy by excluding important coverage can cost literally millions in the long run.

Keep your association from risky situations with these 2 easy steps.

1. Hire ONLY experienced contractors with an active license and insurance policy. A professional contractor should be able to provide proof during the bidding process.

2. Once you have proof of insurance in hand CALL THERE INSURANCE AGENT to confirm that coverage has not lapsed and is currently active. They could have made the first payment and let the policy cancel, you won’t know unless you ask.