California HOA Property Insurance

Condo AccociationCalifornia HOA Property Insurance is one of the most basic and important types of homeowners association insurance coverage you can have. The property coverage portion of your policy is usually part of the master policy that covers the rest of the units in the association. Property coverage protects the association from certain losses such as flood, lightning, fire, and many other types of perils that affect the community.

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The property portion of the HOA’s insurance policy will pay for structures and other common elements in the event of a large loss. HOA property insurance covers the building, personal property, and structures owned by the HOA. Depending on your policy, the property coverage can also cover furniture and fixtures that are outside of each single association unit. You may also have coverage for awnings, carports, signs, fences, and landscaping as well.

The exact amount of property coverage your association should have needs to match or exceed the replacement cost for each single building. If not then the association will not have enough to rebuild in the event of a major loss. Does your association have literally millions in savings to make up for a policy that was poorly written? Of course not! Give our California HOA insurance brokers a call right away and get your free HOA insurance quote today.