California Paint Contractor Insurance

paint-contractor-insuranceDo you manage a painting company in California? If so you’ll need a quality painting contractor insurance policy to protect you from the unexpected. Our agents have access to over 120 different insurance carriers and provide everything your paint company needs from general liability, workers compensation, to commercial auto insurance.

Paint companies all over California come to us for the best insurance rates available. We compare and contrast insurance carriers making sure you get a quality policy at a competitive rate. Call, e-mail, or just fill out the short form to the right and we’ll help you right away.

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General liability for painters – Most paint companies we insure are required to have at least 1,000,000/2,000,000 in coverage limits. This type of protection comes into play when you, your property, or your employees cause harm, damage, or loss to someone else. This could easily happen if your ladder accidentally falls through a client’s window.

painter-on-a-ladderWorkers comp for paint companies – Every paint company in California with employees needs a workers compensation insurance policy. Not only is this insurance required from builders and property managers but it provides coverage and protection to the employee and employer. If one of your employees gets hurt on the job this policy could provide coverage for medical payments, loss of income, etc.

Commercial auto insurance for painters – Any vehicle being used for the painting business needs to be insured under a commercial auto insurance policy. This type of policy is usually a prerequisite by contractors and property managers in California. If you get into an accident and you only have a personal insurance policy your claim could easily be denied by the insurance carrier. Even if you’re a sole proprietor you need a commercial insurance policy to properly cover you for business use.

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