Insurance for Concrete Contractors

Concrete Contractor InsuranceOur agents offer the most comprehensive concrete contractor insurance policies available. We’ll shop your policy with our list of over 122 insurance carriers. Are you a contractor conducting business in California? If so you need an insurance policy to protect your company from the risks that come with owning this type of business. We provide insurance for concrete companies that contain one or all of the following – general liability, commercial auto, business property coverage, workers compensation, and bonds.

General liability – This type of policy protects your concrete company from harm you, your property, or your employees may cause to a client or their property. Imagine you’re on a job site and one of your employees accidentally breaks a clients window, your company is liable for damage caused to the client and his property. A general lability policy protects your from instances such as this or others that may even lead to court fines etc.

Commercial Auto – Most concrete companies need heavy duty commercial vehicles such as cement trucks and other heavy duty work trucks. These vehicles are used for business and must be insured under a commercial auto insurance policy. Even if you use a non-marked truck for your concrete business a claim can be denied if filed under a personal insurance policy. Contractors use heavy duty vehicles on large job sites, the amount of damage you could be liable for because you are insured under a personal insurance policy can be literally in the millions, especially if a victim wants to sue.

Contractor with mixerBusiness Property – Most concrete contractors have thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands in business equipment on a job site or at the warehouse. Concrete pumpers, bags, mixers, tools, and even office equipment can be easily destroyed in a fire or an accident. The business property portion of your concrete contractor insurance policy provides protection for losses such as these.

Workers Compensation – Just about every large concrete contractor in California uses employees to property and efficiently compete work that comes there way. Unfortunately though employees will get hurt while on the job, a workers compensation insurance policy protects the employer from having to pay medical payments or lost income arising from the injury. The amount paid out could get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, a workers compensation insurance policy is a MUST for any concrete company using employees.

Get in touch with our insurance brokers today, we custom fit each policy according to every contractors specific needs.

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