3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using an Insurance Broker

Just about everyone nowadays seems to be selling insurance. Weather you hear it on the radio, newspaper, or television their is absolutely no shortage of advertisements. With so many choices where do you start? This post will get into a few main reasons why you should go to an insurance broker FIRST.

Insurance broker1. Insurance brokers have access to multiple carriers. Could you imagine how long it would take you to call and give your information out to over 100 separate insurance companies? FOREVER! Fortunately most brokers already have connections to multiple carriers that specialize in the type of insurance you’re looking for. Just yesterday I got a call from the owner of a thrift store. She was calling one company at a time looking for a quote but no one wanted to take her. Fortunately she found us at Access Avenue, we were able to get her a better rate within, wait for it… 5 MINUTES! Now not every quote comes this fast but it gives you an idea of what a broker can do for you.

2. Insurance brokers are on your side, not the insurance companies. Most companies like State F**m OR F**mers are required to shop the policy with their own company. You can be sure insurance agents like these will make the policy look as attractive as possible!.. At times even if the policy is ridiculously overpriced or under insured. Insurance brokers consider your specific needs and find a carrier that specializes in that need. Weather you have had a DUI, need to file an SR22, you have young drivers, or you’re looking for specific policy limits, their are multiple California insurance carriers that see you as their “target client” and price accordingly.

Broker Negotiating3. Insurance brokers can negotiate on your behalf. This is not the case with EVERY policy, but large packages for apartment complexes or homeowner associations usually have some wiggle room. I’ve negotiated better coverage and lower premium in the past. I worked on an HOA last month priced at 46K in total premium, I received a quote from a reputable carrier priced at 48K. After a quick call I was able to lower the premium to 44K WITH higher coverage limits. Obviously not every negotiation will sway in your favor but you can be sure that your insurance broker is fighting for you!

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