California Restoration Contractor Insurance

If you own or are thinking of starting up a company that offers restoration services you’re going to need an insurance policy that protects you from the many risks that come with the territory. We offer custom tailored insurance programs specifically for restoration contractors in California. These restoration insurance packages usually include general liability, property coverage, commercial auto, and crime & fidelity protection.

Why does my CA Restoration Company need an insurance policy? If one of your client decides to sue your company because a job was incorrectly completed or your employees made some type of mistake you’re going to need a lawyer to defend you in court, pay legal fees, and ultimately pay a fine if the court finds your restoration company guilty. An insurance policy protects you and the company from losses such as these and MANY more as well.

General Liability – This type of insurance protects your restoration company from instances in which your company is liable. If a job is incorrectly completed and a client is unnecessarily exposed to a dangerous type of mold etc. your restoration company would be liable for any medical fees incurred to the client. This client could also sue your company for loss of work and even disability.

Property Coverage – If you’re restoration company uses an office you probably have expensive computer equipment and restoration equipment / etc. stored at that location. Property coverage protects this equipment and property if your office or warehouse were to burn down. If you own the office, property coverage can also provide funds to rebuild the actual building as well.

Commercial Auto – If your restoration company uses vehicles for business use than you need commercial auto coverage. A regular personal auto insurance policy will NOT cover a vehicle used for business use. Most restoration contractor auto policies also include hired & non-owned coverage that extends liability to vehicles your company rents and employee vehicles used for business use (example: you sent an employee to grab coffee for the office using his own vehicle).

Crime & Fidelity – This type of coverage protects California restoration contractors from losses due to theft. If one of your employees decides to steal equipment or company funds from your account it would be covered under this type of policy. Are you able to come up with funds needed to replenish the company account? Most contractors aren’t.

Get in touch with a California restoration contractor insurance broker today. We offer packages that include the above coverage and MUCH more. We’ll need the information below to send you an accurate quote.

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If you have a prior policy email it to us and we’ll send you an “apples to apples” comparison with a more competitive rate. Most contractors will need to fill out a supplemental application, call us and we’ll fill it out over the phone.

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