Do I really need renters insurance?

Let's hope these tenants have renters insurance!

Let’s hope these tenants have renters insurance!

There are many reasons for a renter to have an insurance policy, one of the most important reasons is to protect the property that you own in your apartment or home. Many people are renting today and feel like their property doesn’t have much value. But if there is a fire or flood that comes through and destroys your property you’ll be out thousands of dollars and will have to buy a whole new set of furniture, clothes, and things like electronics.

Your renters policy will allow you to go out and get what you need weather it be a couch or TV. The cost of a renter’s policy can be as low as $125 a year, that’s only $11 per month!

Most renters policies will also give you liability coverage. Many people feel that if somebody comes on the property and slips and falls they will not be responsible, that’s not the case. If someone comes onto your property slips and falls they will name you in the lawsuit and your landlord. The liability part of a renter’s policy will pay for your defense in court and a judgment if the judgment is filed against you. It also pays for defense coverage if the suit is groundless or fraudulent.

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