How long does a homeowners insurance claim stay on my record?

claim paperThank goodness you had insurance when you filled that claim, otherwise you would’ve had to pay the loss out of your own pocket. Only problem now is your insurance company is either non-renewing you or hiking up your rate.

So how long will this claim be on your record? Most insurance companies will look back anywhere from 3-5 years. It’s rare that an insurance carrier will go back further.

A few things too keep in mind:

Usually small losses are better off taken care of out of pocket VS through your insurance company. Why? Carriers will raise your rate, in the end how much money did you really save after your deductible (usually from $500-1500) is paid?

I’ve seen plenty of insurance companies non-renew clients for filing multiple claims. Try to keep your claims to a minimum, insurance is not for maintenance but for emergencies.

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