What is an insurance broker?

Shopping for an insurance policy may feel overwhelming when you see  just how many options their are available to you. This is where an insurance broker comes into play. An insurance broker like Access Avenue has access to multiple insurance carriers and at times may even be able to negotiate price with that provider for you based on your good or bad record history.

Imagine having to shop literally over 100 separate insurance carriers on your own. You would have to get every single insurance company the required information they need in order to get an accurate estimate. With a California insurance broker you only need to give one person your information, that agent will shop your insurance policy with the best rated carriers for your specific situation and needs.

Not only will an insurance broker come in handy when shopping for  a new policy, but they can re-shop your existing policy every year. Many clients don’t realize that insurance rates change every single year, sometimes by up to 50% and at times by just a couple. This year you may rate very well with one insurance carrier, but next year you may not. An insurance broker can give you an unbiased opinion of other available less expensive carries instead of keeping you with the same company for years on end when you could have saved literally thousands of dollars if you would have just switched when the time was right.

Get in touch with one of our insurance brokers today and find the best available  carrier and rate for your needs. You can call 949-777-5027 or just email info@CaliforniaQualityInsurance.com


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