What is Products & Completed Operations on my insurance policy?

question markMost general liability policies in California come with additional coverage options and endorsements. These options usually include Products and Completed Operations.

Products and completed operations can provide coverage when liable for damage you’ve caused through “your product” or “your work.”

Let’s go over a few examples:

  • Joe owns a deck business. One of his clients was hurt when the deck Joe built collapsed as she walked across. Joe accidentally forgot to bolt the deck to the wall.
  • Martha owns a sandwich shop. One of her customers got very ill after eating a sandwich. Sandra accidentally used expired cheese.
  • Lee owns a welding business. A rod iron fence he welded fell apart and damaged his clients car. Lee forgot to reinforce his welds.

These examples show how most business types can be liable due to products or completed operations. Are you covered? Call your insurance agent today and make sure you’re protected!

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