California Condo Insurance

Condo on fireProper condo insurance coverage can never be stressed enough for residents in the California area. Although most condo associations in CA have a master condo insurance policy, these policies do not cover individual units and their belongings, improvements made to each unit, and private garages and entryways. For this reason it’s crucial that you have your own policy as well.

With so many different condo insurance carriers available how do you determine the right policy for your personal needs? Our seasoned agents will walk you through the entire process. We’ll explain the different types of coverage available and tailor them to your area, property, and specific concerns.

What is Condo Insurance?

Condo insurance is like renters insurance but the policy is designed specifically for condos and covers your dwelling and contents you keep inside. Most condo policies contain coverage for your personal property, property liability damage, damage protection from dangers like vandalism/fires/glass breakage etc. Most condo policies also cover the cost you put into any additions or alterations made to the condo like custom cabinets or countertops.

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Before you shop for condo insurance make sure you know how much coverage you’d like. If we were to flip your entire condo upside down how much worth of property do you think would fall out? How much money did you put into those fancy counter tops or new cabinets? Keep these questions in mind while shopping for condo insurance!

Confused yet? Don’t worry, our agents are trained to walk you through the process. You can either email, or just call us at 949-777-5027. Remember we’re on YOUR side and we want to help!

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Condo & Auto Package

Have you thought about insuring your condo and vehicles with the same company? This is probably one of the easiest ways to save around 20% on your total policy premium. Let us know and we’ll find one of the better carriers for your situation. Just because one insurance carrier gives you a good rate on your auto insurance doesn’t mean you’ll get a great rate on your condo insurance. Some insurance carriers don’t even provide coverage for condos. We’ll take down your information and weigh out the pros and cons that come with going from one insurance carrier to a different one. In the end you’ll have a quality carrier that does well on both your condo and vehicles.

Remember, all quotes are free and we do all the shopping for you and you. Our agents will help and educate you into finding something you’ll just love.