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What is an insurance broker?

Shopping for an insurance policy may feel overwhelming when you see  just how many options their are available to you. This is where an insurance broker comes into play. An insurance broker like Access Avenue has access to multiple insurance carriers and at times may even be able to negotiate price with that provider for you based on your good or bad record history.

Imagine having to shop literally over 100 separate insurance carriers on your own. You would have to get every single insurance company the required information they need in order to get an accurate estimate. With a California insurance broker you only need to give one person your information, that agent will shop your insurance policy with the best rated carriers for your specific situation and needs.

Not only will an insurance broker come in handy when shopping for  a new policy, but they can re-shop your existing policy every year. Many clients don’t realize that insurance rates change every single year, sometimes by up to 50% and at times by just a couple. This year you may rate very well with one insurance carrier, but next year you may not. An insurance broker can give you an unbiased opinion of other available less expensive carries instead of keeping you with the same company for years on end when you could have saved literally thousands of dollars if you would have just switched when the time was right.

Get in touch with one of our insurance brokers today and find the best available  carrier and rate for your needs. You can call 949-777-5027 or just email info@CaliforniaQualityInsurance.com


Do I really need renters insurance?

Let's hope these tenants have renters insurance!

Let’s hope these tenants have renters insurance!

There are many reasons for a renter to have an insurance policy, one of the most important reasons is to protect the property that you own in your apartment or home. Many people are renting today and feel like their property doesn’t have much value. But if there is a fire or flood that comes through and destroys your property you’ll be out thousands of dollars and will have to buy a whole new set of furniture, clothes, and things like electronics.

Your renters policy will allow you to go out and get what you need weather it be a couch or TV. The cost of a renter’s policy can be as low as $125 a year, that’s only $11 per month!

Most renters policies will also give you liability coverage. Many people feel that if somebody comes on the property and slips and falls they will not be responsible, that’s not the case. If someone comes onto your property slips and falls they will name you in the lawsuit and your landlord. The liability part of a renter’s policy will pay for your defense in court and a judgment if the judgment is filed against you. It also pays for defense coverage if the suit is groundless or fraudulent.

Without California renters insurance your financial future is at risk. Call us today for a free quote on your insurance policy – 949-777-5027 or send us an email at info@CaliforniaQualityInsurance.com


Roadside assistance with no additional premium!

AAA has really made a reputation for themselves in regards to their convenient roadside assistance coverage. Over the last few years we realize that most clients aren’t aware that our current insurance carriers offer similar options.

Roadside assistance and similar coverages will vary from company to company. Mercury for example offers roadside assistance automatically to pretty much any policyholder that includes collision coverage on their account.

Although very convenient, very few clients realize that this type of coverage is already included in your policy without extra premium. This of course only applies to those policyholders who include collision coverage.

When can you use this coverage? This type of coverage really comes in handy if your car dies while you’re on the road, if you lock your keys inside your car, if you are in need of towing, if you need a jumpstart when your battery dies, and if you tire goes flat.

Be advised that Mercury will pay for up to $70 of the towing. One huge advantage to having a policy with Mercury is that Mercury will pay for your towing upfront when most carriers often rely on the client to pay for these types of expenses and later reimbursed the client.

That’s not all! Mercury insurance won’t require you to find a towing service on your own. Just call the claim number listed on the back of your insurance card and Mercury will find and dispatch a towing company for you.

Do you have a Mercury policy with collision coverage? If so then roadside assistance coverage is already available to you! Aren’t you relieved to know that you’ll be taking care of if something were to go wrong? We are. Smile

If you have any questions about your current California Mercury insurance policy or would like to purchase a policy with Mercury or any other carrier call or email us today. We have access to over 100 carriers and can help you right over the phone. Whether you live in Los Angeles, Lake Forest, or San Francisco we can issue and email your ID cards right over to you within a few minutes.


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Insurance for Window Cleaners

Finding insurance for your California window cleaning company can be a hassle. Take it from someone that knows, I used to be a window cleaner in Orange County California. There are several types of insurance you’re going to need if you want to run a successful and proper window cleaning company. The following insurance types below will cover a very wide range of risks and different exposures your window cleaning business may come across.

General Liability – When starting your own window cleaning business general liability insurance is usually the first type of insurance you’re going to get. General liability covers bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, advertising injury, and many other type of liabilities that come up when you operate a window cleaning business. From my own experience I know that most commercial properties required that the company in question have at least 2 million in general liability. Imagine you’re on a job and the wind blows over your ladder, knocking it into the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz. Your insurance will cover this claim and  legal costs that come with it.

Commercial Auto – Operating your own window cleaning business requires that you drive to your clients home or place of business day after day with the company vehicle. Your company vehicle should be covered under a commercial auto insurance policy. Coverage for commercial auto policies vary from company to company, for the most part they cover fire, vandalism,  theft, and damage caused by unforeseen occurrences including damage done to your vehicle or someone’s property.

Worker’s Compensation – If you’re at that point to where you have or need the help of employees then you’re going to need Worker’s Compensation. The coverage that comes with this type of insurance protects both your business and employees. If one of your employees gets injured on the job his or her injuries and lost income would be covered by Worker’s Compensation.

Let’s face it, window cleaning companies that are serious about making money and attracting large commercial accounts absolutely need these types of insurance. Although most homeowners don’t ask for proof of insurance it’s always nice to be prepared. All it takes is one slip and your life could change forever.

Have any questions? Feel free to call us or send an email at your earliest convenience.