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Does general liability include business property coverage?

General liability insurance is one of the most basic types of insurance policies every California business should have. Whether you have an auto policy, a homeowners policy, or business owners package you most likely have liability coverage “built in” to your policy. But does a standard general liability policy include property coverage?

The answer is no, BUT this doesn’t mean you don’t have it.

General liability gives protection when you, your employees, or your property causes damage, harm, or loss to someone. Liability can offer protection in court and even pay a fine or court fees uncured to you in a lawsuit. When it comes to your own business property though, liability won’t cover you.

Burning-propertyIf a fire were to occur and burn your location completely you could lose thousands of dollars worth of business property. Business property coverage can payout in this type of event and leave you in a position to buy more equipment.

Most insurance agents will ask you or throw in business property coverage as an endorsement. Just yesterday I added $10,000 worth of business property coverage to an apartment building insurance policy for only $22 dollars extra per year.

Are you properly covered? Make sure your business property (tools, computers, paperwork, equipment, etc.) is covered in case of a disaster. Get in touch with one of our California insurance brokers today and see if you’re properly insured.

California Gun Store Insurance

Gun Store InsuranceIf you currently own or are thinking about buying a gun store or gunsmith in California you’re going to need an insurance policy that protects you when things go wrong. We offer insurance policies custom tailored to the gun shop owner, these coverage’s also extend to shooting ranges and hunting operations. Contact us and get a free quote from an A++ Rated California gun store insurance carrier today.

Gun store insurance policies in California can include general liability, commercial auto coverage, property coverage, workers compensation, and much more.

General Liability – This type of coverage protects your gun store from liability losses up to your coverage limits. Standard gun shop liability limits usually cover you with $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate limits. If a client were to slip and fall in your store they could try taking your company to court. A general liability policy can provide coverage for legal fees and even court ordered compensation if needed.

Business property – The property in your gun shop could be completely destroyed or inoperable due to a fire. The property insurance portion of your business package provides coverage for things such as inventory, computers, money, and even the entire building if you own it. Most California gun shops rent their location so building property coverage isn’t needed.

Commercial auto – Does your gun shop use a vehicle for business? If so, you’ll need a commercial auto policy. A regular personal auto policy will NOT cover a vehicle being used for the business. Most gun shop auto polices come standard with hired and non-owned auto coverage. This coverage extends liability to a vehicle your store rents and employee vehicles your employees use for the business (example: you sent an employee out to grab ammo from a warehouse/grab donuts from the donut shop).

Get in touch with one of our California gun store insurance brokers today and have a custom policy tailored to your specific needs. We offer full liability limits for gunsmith operations and no exclusions or limitations are included for these operations.

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