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How your HOA could lose MILLIONS

California has some of the largest homeowner associations in the country. That being said members of the HOA deal with millions of dollars on a monthly basis. Unfortunately fraud and theft have become extremely rampant in the past few years (20 BILLION PER YEAR) leading to the loss of hundreds of thousands and even millions…

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The BEST HOA insurance money can buy!

Obviously “best” is relative to your specific association since no two are exactly the same. What would you consider the “best” coverage”? Homeowner associations all over California pay a pretty penny to keep the association protected if something were to go wrong. Wouldn’t you agree that the best insurance coverage is the type of coverage…

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Why EVERY HOA needs Ordinance or Law coverage.

California homeowner associations are required to carry a sufficient amount of property insurance coverage, and most HOA’s do. Unfortunately though many HOA’s I’ve come across fail to include an extremely important coverage endorsement, building Ordinance or Law coverage. What is HOA Ordinance or Law coverage? In simple terms, ordinance or law provides the funds needed…

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