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What is an endorsement on a homeowners insurance policy?

Confused ManLingo for homeowners insurance agents can get a bit confusing. One of the many terms that seem to confuse clients is an “endorsement” made to a homeowners insurance policy.

An endorsement is a form that can be added to the policy making a change to the current terms and conditions.

For example: Let’s say you started a home policy in January but in March you had a contractor come in and add an additional room. When you call to let your agent know the details he’ll make an endorsement to your current policy adding additional coverage for your updated home.

In simple terms an endorsement is a change made to your insurance policy.

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How much does homeowners insurance cost in California?

homeBuying a home is one of the biggest milestones most people have. Just about every homeowner will tell you how important it is to have homeowners insurance, especially the many who have already had losses.

So how much does homeowners insurance cost? Various factors such as location, property age, building materials, past claims made, etc. are taken into account. Our agency deals with over 120 different insurance carriers. The price for a home could be anywhere from $600-1400 and more for million dollar homes.

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Does homeowners insurance cover theft?

Thief stealingUnfortunately we live in a world that is constantly locked, video recorded, and guarded due to the high risk of theft. But what happens if our property is stolen while we were out?

Theft is usually covered under a homeowners insurance policy. One point to keep in mind though is that items like guns/firearms, jewelry, cash, and cameras usually have a set limit as to how much coverage those specific items have.

Remember that losses like these are subject to your insurance deductible. Most losses equal or lesser than your current deductible are better off taken care of without going through your insurance company.

Be sure to call and ask your agent about your current coverage and know what your protected from.

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