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Can I own a home without an insurance policy?

Home in handsWhen it comes to homeowners insurance you were probably required by your mortgage lender or finance company to have a policy. They have a financial interest in your home, if it were to burn down they would be at a loss because they lent you the funds to buy it.

Ultimately if you own your home outright in California you are not required to carry a policy. This is considered “self-insured” because if a loss were to occur the funds to repair damage would come out of your own pocket.

This is never recommended unless you have the finances available to pay-out during a period of major devastation.

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California Thrift Store Insurance

Thrift-InsuranceIf you currently own a thrift store in California or you’re thinking about buying one you’re going to need an insurance policy to protect you from risks that come with the territory. We offer custom tailored polices made specifically for the thrift store business owner. Our thrift store polices include coverage like general liability, business property coverage, commercial auto coverage, and med pay coverage.

Why do I need a California thrift store insurance policy? Owning your own store can come with many risky liabilities. Imagine a customer walked into your store and slipped on a toy that was left on the ground, the owner of the thrift store would be liable for any medical payments needed. The customer could even sue the owner for embarrassment, loss of work, or any other reason. Having an insurance policy also protects your business property from losses such as a fire, water damage, etc. This type of protection is necessary no matter where your store is located.

General Liability – Anyone who owns a thrift store should carry general liability insurance. This type of coverage will protect you in case you were to get sued due to a client that slips on your property or decides to sue your company because they were a victim of something you were liable for. Most thrift stores carry 1,000,000/2,000,000 worth in liability coverage, these limits are standard for the industry.

Business Property – This type of coverage protects the property your thrift store carries. If the entire store were to burn down the building owner would not pay for your property, your property needs to be covered under your own insurance policy. The amount of business property per store widely varies.

Commercial Auto – Does your thrift store use vehicles to pick-up donated goods? If so, you need a commercial auto policy that protects the vehicle and others driving on the road. A normal personal insurance policy does NOT cover a vehicle used for business use. Most thrift stores have commercial auto polices with 750,000-1,000,000 CSL (Combined single limits) in coverage.

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California Salon Booth Renters Insurance

Salon imageIf you currently rent a booth at a California salon or are thinking about renting one soon you’re going to need a policy that covers you in case something were to go wrong. We create custom tailored salon policies that include both general liability (usually at 1,000,000/2,000.000) and professional liability. A salon insurance policy can cost as low as $200 per year.

Why do I need an insurance policy? The owner of the building and the owner of the salon have their own separate polices that cover the building and protect from losses such as a fire that were to burn down the building or destroy their building property. You need your own policy to cover your liability in case you were to do something such as injure a client, completely destroy someones hair, get sued due to a horrible mistake, etc.

General Liability – Anyone renting a booth at a salon and even someone working on hair from home needs a general liability insurance policy. This type of coverage will protect you from losses that YOU are liable for. Example: You accidentally start a fire and destroy the equipment in the booth right next to yours. General liability is almost always required by the owner of the building and the owner of the salon.

Professional Liability – This type of coverage (usually included in any policy tailored for stylists) protects you from liability arising from mistakes you’ve make as the “Professional”. If a client asks for her hair to be colored brown and you accidentally color her hair pink completely ruining it YOU would be liable. If she loses her job or feels as if everyone makes fun of her than she can come after YOU because you are the professional.

How much does insurance cost for someone renting a salon booth? – Most policy premiums vary, depending on your experience, location, and the amount of exposure you have. Most policies cost anywhere from 200-450 per year. Get a free quote today from our list of over 120 different insurance carriers, we’ll need the required info below.

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What is an insurance broker?

Shopping for an insurance policy may feel overwhelming when you see  just how many options their are available to you. This is where an insurance broker comes into play. An insurance broker like Access Avenue has access to multiple insurance carriers and at times may even be able to negotiate price with that provider for you based on your good or bad record history.

Imagine having to shop literally over 100 separate insurance carriers on your own. You would have to get every single insurance company the required information they need in order to get an accurate estimate. With a California insurance broker you only need to give one person your information, that agent will shop your insurance policy with the best rated carriers for your specific situation and needs.

Not only will an insurance broker come in handy when shopping for  a new policy, but they can re-shop your existing policy every year. Many clients don’t realize that insurance rates change every single year, sometimes by up to 50% and at times by just a couple. This year you may rate very well with one insurance carrier, but next year you may not. An insurance broker can give you an unbiased opinion of other available less expensive carries instead of keeping you with the same company for years on end when you could have saved literally thousands of dollars if you would have just switched when the time was right.

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