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Are termites covered under a homeowners insurance policy?

California termite damageIf you own a home or are thinking about buying one, termites as little as they are can be a huge nightmare. All these tiny little insects need is a small crack in your homes foundation, using it they can pass through and literally begin eating on the wooden frame and structure of your home. Unfortunately though most homeowners insurance companies in California won’t cover termite damage. Why not?

Because termites are viewed as a “preventable pest” most insurance carriers see this as something you could have stopped before it happened. They see it as a maintenance issue. As a general insurance rule, most insurance carriers do not cover you for things that happened due to a lack of maintenance. Homeowners insurance carriers are more likely to cover events that are accidental, such as a fire that burns down the kitchen for example.

Although most homeowners insurance carriers in California won’t cover termite damage, you can still prevent it. Have your home and the surrounding structures inspected every year for termites. This is especially important if your neighborhood has a history of termites or you live in an area that is humid.

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