California Thrift Store Insurance

Thrift-InsuranceIf you currently own a thrift store in California or you’re thinking about buying one you’re going to need an insurance policy to protect you from risks that come with the territory. We offer custom tailored polices made specifically for the thrift store business owner. Our thrift store polices include coverage like general liability, business property coverage, commercial auto coverage, and med pay coverage.

Why do I need a California thrift store insurance policy? Owning your own store can come with many risky liabilities. Imagine a customer walked into your store and slipped on a toy that was left on the ground, the owner of the thrift store would be liable for any medical payments needed. The customer could even sue the owner for embarrassment, loss of work, or any other reason. Having an insurance policy also protects your business property from losses such as a fire, water damage, etc. This type of protection is necessary no matter where your store is located.

General Liability – Anyone who owns a thrift store should carry general liability insurance. This type of coverage will protect you in case you were to get sued due to a client that slips on your property or decides to sue your company because they were a victim of something you were liable for. Most thrift stores carry 1,000,000/2,000,000 worth in liability coverage, these limits are standard for the industry.

Business Property – This type of coverage protects the property your thrift store carries. If the entire store were to burn down the building owner would not pay for your property, your property needs to be covered under your own insurance policy. The amount of business property per store widely varies.

Commercial Auto – Does your thrift store use vehicles to pick-up donated goods? If so, you need a commercial auto policy that protects the vehicle and others driving on the road. A normal personal insurance policy does NOT cover a vehicle used for business use. Most thrift stores have commercial auto polices with 750,000-1,000,000 CSL (Combined single limits) in coverage.

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