Car Accident! – What do I do??

Car AccidentA car accident can be VERY stressful, especially if you don’t know what to do. We’re going to go through a few bits of info that will help you in the event you find yourself behind the wheel during a car accident.

1. Never admit to fault. Even if you think the accident was your fault the final decision will be made by the claims department.
2. Take photos. Nowadays just about everyone uses a smartphone with a decent quality camera. Make sure you take photos of the accident scene, both vehicles, VIN numbers, license plate numbers, etc.
3. Insurance documentation. If you don’t have a camera make sure to note the name, policy number, company name, and VIN number the other person provides you.
4. Location. Mark the address and closest cross streets.
5. Contact info. Get the full name and phone number to the driver, passengers, and any witnesses in the area. If any emergency services respond (Ex:Policy/Ambulance) ask for names, badge numbers, ambulance company, and fire department companies.

Attached HERE is a PDF document you can download, print, and keep in your car as a reminder in case of an accident. Drive safe everyone!!

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  1. NervousDad on December 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    Thanks for the advice, I printed the PDF you made available for my daughter. She’s taking her test at the DMV right now..

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