Give your California HOA a quick check-up

HOA check-up

Below you’ll find ten separate measures that are used to determine the current health and stability of your California homeowners association. Not only is it a great “self-evaluation” tool for those on the board but if confidentially evaluated by each resident it’s a great way to get an honest gauge on how the homeowners association is doing.

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Simply read through each number and score the association on a scale from one to ten. The end result should help guide the board and association into an improved direction. Good luck!

  1. The association does a great job managing the entire community according to the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R’s).
  2. The association maintains a very consistent and effective leadership role through qualified personnel by means of proper and fair elections.
  3. The association holds regular meetings with agendas according the most important needs the HOA has at that particular time.
  4. The association takes precautionary measures to keep crime related incidents in the community to a minimum.
  5. The association provides monthly financial statement reports that follow budgets and keep assessments to a bare minimum.
  6. The association keeps an adequate amount in reserve for emergencies and rare assessments.
  7. The association maintains a competitively priced HOA insurance coverage without a lapse.
  8. The association regularly conducts on-site inspections of every unit to insure proper compliance which is enforced with a fair written notice, and fines if need be.
  9. The association has a maintenance schedule for common areas that need it (roof repair/replacement, gutter cleaning, landscaping, power washing, etc).
  10. The association does it’s best to keep the community informed of new rules and CC&R’s through its website, email subscriptions, newsletters, etc.

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