Roadside assistance with no additional premium!

AAA has really made a reputation for themselves in regards to their convenient roadside assistance coverage. Over the last few years we realize that most clients aren’t aware that our current insurance carriers offer similar options.

Roadside assistance and similar coverages will vary from company to company. Mercury for example offers roadside assistance automatically to pretty much any policyholder that includes collision coverage on their account.

Although very convenient, very few clients realize that this type of coverage is already included in your policy without extra premium. This of course only applies to those policyholders who include collision coverage.

When can you use this coverage? This type of coverage really comes in handy if your car dies while you’re on the road, if you lock your keys inside your car, if you are in need of towing, if you need a jumpstart when your battery dies, and if you tire goes flat.

Be advised that Mercury will pay for up to $70 of the towing. One huge advantage to having a policy with Mercury is that Mercury will pay for your towing upfront when most carriers often rely on the client to pay for these types of expenses and later reimbursed the client.

That’s not all! Mercury insurance won’t require you to find a towing service on your own. Just call the claim number listed on the back of your insurance card and Mercury will find and dispatch a towing company for you.

Do you have a Mercury policy with collision coverage? If so then roadside assistance coverage is already available to you! Aren’t you relieved to know that you’ll be taking care of if something were to go wrong? We are. Smile

If you have any questions about your current California Mercury insurance policy or would like to purchase a policy with Mercury or any other carrier call or email us today. We have access to over 100 carriers and can help you right over the phone. Whether you live in Los Angeles, Lake Forest, or San Francisco we can issue and email your ID cards right over to you within a few minutes.


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