There’s no such thing as FULL COVERAGE!!

Auto insurance is a crazy animal, such a pain to pay for but we loved it when we rear-ended the car in front of us! Unfortunately many policy holders are misinformed when it comes to coverage, specifically what we like to call “FULL COVERAGE”.

Insurance-MythLet’s bust this myth once and for all.. There’s no such thing as full coverage. Many people confuse comprehensive and collision coverage with full coverage. I’ll be honest, before I got into the insurance industry I had the same thought process. “Oh, I’m covered. I have FULL COVERAGE”.. boy was I wrong.

EVERY auto policy has limits, most policies I’ve come across are very low. Take a look at your own policy, what are its limits? California requires you to carry limits of at least 15/30/5, many take these limits and run with them only because they’re required.

Next time you’re on the road take a look at the cars you’re driving next to, average cost about $17,000 per car (in my area at least). With limits of 15/30/5 you’d be left to pay $12,000 out of pocket if I total a $17,000 car, and that’s if you only cause damage to ONE car.

You’re also responsible for bodily injury you cause others in an accident. The cost to ambulance a patient to the hospital, put them through surgery, and keep them in a hospital bed for a couple days can EASILY cost over $50,000. With 15/30/5 insurance limits you’d be left to pay $35,000 out of your own pocket.

See the pattern here? Every policy has limits, double check yours and make sure you’re properly covered. One things for sure, you don’t have full coverage..

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